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THYMUSKIN® - A Revolutionary Solution for Thinning Hair Problems with Scientific Research and Positive Results

by Tariq Limalia 16 Oct 2023

THYMUSKIN® that has been successful in fighting against thinning hair problems. It nourishes, reinforces, and strengthens the hair while providing essential nutrients for general hair care, resulting in noticeably thicker hair. The unique active ingredients of THYMUSKIN® are made from bovine-free Thymic peptides.

There have been several controlled observational studies carried out by German and international skin clinics and university hospitals that strongly confirm the effects of THYMUSKIN® on hair follicles. It has an immunological effect on hair follicles, similar to a thymic preparation. The product contains the patented GKL-02 active complex, which mimics natural thymus extract essential for hair care.

THYMUSKIN® is actively engaged in scientific research and has shown positive results in studies conducted by dermatological clinics and university hospitals. It has been approved for its good tolerability and cosmetic acceptance in controlled scientific observational studies.

In terms of the team, THYMUSKIN® has cooperation partners in various institutions, including the Academic Teaching Hospital of the Universities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg, City Hospital of Vienna-Lainz in Austria, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, University of Münster, Medical Academy Hannover, Medical Hospital of the Technical University Munich, German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg, Dermatology Unit at the University of Milan in Italy, and Women Dermatologists of Italy (DDI).

THYMUSKIN® offers three product lines: Thymuskin® CLASSIC, Thymuskin® MED, and Thymuskin® FORTE. Each line includes a shampoo and a serum gel, tailored to match individual hair and scalp conditions. It is suitable for both men and women and has no reported side effects.

Research has also been conducted on the effectiveness and tolerability of THYMUSKIN® in treating androgenetic alopecia and chronic telogen effluvium. In a multicentric study, patients with androgenetic alopecia and chronic telogen effluvium demonstrated a significant decrease in hair loss, stimulation of hair growth, and reduction in symptoms such as seborrhea, erythema, and itching. Tolerability and cosmetic acceptance were reported as good to very good in the majority of patients.

Additionally, studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of THYMUSKIN® in treating alopecia areata. Patients experienced a reduction in daily hair loss and a majority of them experienced renewed hair growth. Some patients even achieved full remission.

Overall, THYMUSKIN® seems to be an effective and well-tolerated hair care solution supported by scientific research and positive results from various studies and partnerships.

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